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Therapeutic Areas

ClinChoice’s therapeutic expertise spans large drug and disease markets, including oncology, neurology, and ophthalmology, as well as metabolic, respiratory, autoimmune, and other conditions. Backed by 25 years of proven results, we provide services for the full development lifecycle to six of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and startup biotechs, completing thousands of projects and nearly 50 NDA submissions. For us, our record of quality means integrity and stability. For you, it means a reliable partner and quality results.

With a flexible approach and ease of doing business, carefully crafted methodologies for fast startup and rapid timelines, and the right team of industry and medical experts, ClinChoice is the right choice to streamline and accelerate your therapeutic studies and trials.


Conduct comprehensive research through a collaborative network to aid in the progress of drug discovery and development and clinical investigations into cancerous tissues.

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From navigating complex protocols to finding eligible patients, we enable your neurological studies to progress faster and more effectively against challenging neurological conditions.

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Our experienced team helps you streamline processes and avoid issues and setbacks related to complex regulations in metabolic and endocrine studies.

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From single protocol studies to comprehensive development programs, we’re deeply experienced  in managing and monitoring the unique procedures, objectives, and endpoints of respiratory therapy trials.

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Though the development of autoimmune therapies often presents significant challenges, we provide the ongoing monitoring and support you need for successful clinical trials, biomarkers, and data science services.

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With experience in a broad range of ophthalmological trials, we aid in all phases of research in studies of all sizes, all around the world to help achieve advancements in vision and eye care.

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From treating and relieving chronic pain to addressing common conditions like strains and sprains, our processes for musculoskeletal research enable you to bring your products to market quickly and safely.

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A global network of experienced urologists, nephrologists, and OB/GYNs ensures you get the professional insight it takes to meet your program objectives, and the challenges of urologic studies are handled properly.

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Achieving regulatory requirements for anti-infective medications poses significant challenges, but our customized, streamlined patient services and network
of medical professionals help you bring products to market faster.

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Rare Disease

Find eligible patients for rare disease treatments and carry out complex, global studies of any length with help from our experienced team of medical professionals and data management and analysis specialists.

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