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Site Startup (SSU)

Accelerate Your Project & Site Startup Process

Based on the rich clinical research experience and extensive site knowledge accumulated from past partnerships, the ClinChoice SSU team streamlines and optimizes every aspect of your project and site startup. From the very beginning of the project, we support sponsors with professional interpretation of regulations and site processes, helping them lead their studies around the world and save time in subjects recruitment.

Comprehensive SSU Services

  • Comprehensive site setup
  • EC submissions and approvals
  • Office of Human Genetic Resources Administration (OHGRA) application processing (China only)
  • Contract negotiations and signoffs
  • Essential documents collection before site initiations


Scope of ClinChoice Startup Services

  • Develop and implement clinical trial site initiation strategies according to the protocol and the work scope of the contract, as well as the relevant requirements of SOP and GCP.
  • Be responsible for site startup risk management of clinical trials to ensure the trial schedule can be met.
  • Provide data, experience, and strategic support for fast, high-quality startup solutions.