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Site Service

Determine Study Feasibility & Develop Plans for a Smooth Delivery


ClinChoice site service solutions enable you to better understand how patients are treated and which sites have access to your target populations. With a feasibility evaluation, we can better predict which sites will have a larger impact on the recruitment and target those sites to accelerate startup and recruitment timelines.

We assess the design of your study in terms of patient enrollment potential, patient recruitment strategies, protocol concerns, and other considerations. With a global database of investigators experienced in a wide range of indications, ClinChoice provides high-enrolling sites capable of generating large amounts of valid, verifiable data to better meet your scientific and business objectives.

Comprehensive Site Services

  • A robust database of investigators, sites, and patients
  • Exceptional cooperative relationships with more than 300 GCP offices, 1,500+ sites, and 1,000+ investigators
  • Strategic relationships and partnerships with key sites
  • Superior study delivery with quick startup, fast recruitment, and industry-leading quality


Key Considerations